Welcome to the Non-Fungible Fungi!

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Today we are happy to announce the official launch of The Non-Fungible Fungi, a community driven, studio level 3D collectable NFT project where excitement for the artwork is only rivalled by the blockchain technology involved.

Who are the Non-Fungible Fungi?

The Non-Fungible Fungi collective is a kingdom of 10,100 unique 3D animated (and enchanted) Mushroom NFTs strolling through the Ethereum blockchain. Each Mushroom falls into 1 of 3 species, Magic, Mire-able and Bog Standard with Magic being the rarest and Bog Standard being the most common. The Genesis Collection provide us with the grandfather traits and set the standard for what’s to come, from there we have a multitude of different traits ranging in both rarity and looks which make up the 10,000 Generative Collection.

A rare Magic Mushroom strolls its way through the Ethereum Blockchain.

What is The Non-Fungible Fungi Project?

The Non-Fungible Fungi is an elaborate and expansive project focusing on longevity, community and above all else, providing a usable and highly desirable NFT for both collector and project backer alike. The Non-Fungible Fungi have been designed from the ground up to make owning one fun for everyone, whether you’re an experienced crypto collector or someone who’s just starting out in NFTs we believe The Non-Fungible Fungi Collection offers something for everybody.

Magic, Mire and Bog.

The Kingdom initially will be made up of 10,100 Mushrooms and broken down into 3 Species;

  • Magic
    The Magic species are as wise as they are old (and they are very, very old). Making up for just 0.4% of the Mushroom population, the Magic Mushrooms are the most rare mushroom we have and ever will have. Magic mushrooms are all unique and extremely extravagant in design.
  • Mire-able
    The Mire-able species are slightly older than the Bog Standards, but with age, did not come wisdom… These Mushrooms are a placid creatures and rather dim-witted in nature, but for what they lack in IQ, they make up in both love and character. Mire-ables make up 31.7% of the entire Mushroom Kingdom. They’re also a bit more bold when it comes to looks and will quite often have multiple accessories attached to them (we’ve found they are rather attracted to shiny things).
  • Bog Standard
    The Bog Standard species are an easy going, chilled out younger Mushroom that will make up 67.9% of the overall Mushroom population. Our Bogs tend to leave a more subtle impression and allow more people to become an adopter, however, on occasion rarer combinations/variants do emerge.

You own full commercial rights to your Mushroom so long as you continue to own and control it. You have the exclusive rights to make derivative works of your Mushroom as long as you own the NFT at the time of said derivative is created.

Genesis and Generative drops.

The Non-Fungible Fungi will be released in 2 drops, a Genesis drop of 100 and a Generative drop of 10,000. The Genesis drop will be priced out at 0.2 ETH per Mushroom and will be limited to 2 per wallet.

It has been an absolute priority for our team to ensure that users had immediate access to tamper proof , secure and transparent transactions while participating in any of our minting events, now and in the future.

Genesis Rewards.

We believe in rewarding those who support our project early, as such, Genesis Mushroom come with a few added benefits;

  • Each and every Genesis Mushroom will be granted a Golden ring on the base. This is a Genesis only item which will set apart and showcase instantly that your Mushroom is from the Genesis collection.
  • All Genesis Mushroom holders will be air-dropped 3 free random Generative mushrooms for every Genesis Mushroom they are holding (if you own 2, you will be given 6as example) 24 hours before the Generative drop commences.
  • Our Mushrooms will generate SPORE token(s) on a weekly basis (more info to come down the line on this). However, our Genesis Mushrooms are considerably more potent and will produce spores on a daily basis.

These exquisite Genesis Mushrooms are all handcrafted and will act as the grandfather traits for the 10,000 Generative drop.

The basic but bad-ass bogs in full swing!

Public Sale and Percentages.

Currently our first 2 drops consist of 10,100 in total, this figure combines both the Genesis (100) and the Generative (10,000) Mushrooms. The Genesis drop will take place on Friday the 1st of October and will consist of the following.

  • 10 Magics.
  • 30 Mire-ables.
  • 60 Bogs.

The 10,000 Generative drop is planned for later this year (TBC) and will consist of the following Mushrooms.

  • 30 Magics.
  • 3170 Mire-ables.
  • 6800 Bogs.

Both drops will be mintable directly on our website.
Due to how unique and exquisite the Magic Mushrooms are, we want to preserve that. To accomplish this we will continue to hand-craft them and then insert them into the Generative drop.

Clumsy Mire-ables find the weirdest of things…


While the Roadmap is still a work in progress, we are happy to share our vision and goals that we have set for the project and future ahead.

  • Genesis Drop.
    We have 100 Mushrooms to get out of the door and find new homes for. Any profit made from the Genesis drop will go straight back into the project to fund the road ahead and cover start-up overheads.
  • Generative Drop.
    10,000 unique 3D animated Mushrooms featuring grandfather traits from the Genesis Mushroom, mintable on our website.
  • Giveaways.
    Early Discord users with the Beta tag and above to be rewarded with a free air-dropped NFT (details still TBC and will probably still include a gas fee)
  • Truffle Air-Drop Pet Event.
    We have a small little friend called the Truffle Traveller already in the pipe-line, these will be air-dropped to a limited number of Mushroom holders (of any rarity or species).
  • ERC-20 SPORE token.
    Our Mushrooms will generate spore token (TBC) which will act as an in game/in app currency for our long term ambitions.
  • Charity Donation.
    As a team we want to give back a percentage of sales to the Beckley Foundation. A charity which works with Mushrooms to support Psychedelic Research and Psilocybin-assisted therapy for mental health.
  • 3D Low Poly Extraction.
    Our Mushrooms are 3D and animated, we want you to experience and enjoy that. When you adopt a Mushroom you will own the exclusive commercial rights to that NFT so long as you continue to own and control it. We want to try and take this further by creating a portal in which the 3D Low Poly asset can also be extracted/downloaded and used.
  • Application development.
    Our end game/goal. We want to build a platform and a base for our Mushrooms, a 3D animated and interactive application (or game) where you can use and experience your NFT. While the final details on this are not set in stone, conversations with 3rd parties have already begun on how we make this happen. Bringing in both the NFT and SPORE system to work together at this stage is where we want to be, how we do that is still a work in progress but its one that we are absolutely critical on.
  • Carbon offset.
    The environment is important and we want to protect it. Having a plan in place to ensure we either offset our overall Carbon footprint (lowering first with the aim of becoming carbon neutral in the and/or supporting Carbon Reduction technology and charities.
  • Plant Food.
    Evolving and advancing our Mushrooms is something we are very keen on exploring with several new species already in discovery. How and if this happens, much like many of our roadmap elements is all a work in progress but the drive, determination (and fungal research!) is there.

Meet the team.

  • Elzie
    Founder & Artist. ‘farther of the fungi’
  • Simms
    Founder & Community Manager. ‘tldr runs a discord’
  • HenryG
    Business Development Manager. ‘esports legend’
  • SwiftKill
    Blockchain & NFT Advisor. ‘loves the goatz’

Come and join the community!

The Non-Fungible Fungi collective is a kingdom of 10,100 unique 3D animated (and enchanted) Mushroom NFTs strolling through the Ethereum blockchain. Each Mushroom falls into 1 of 3 species, Magic, Mire-able and Bog (standard) with Magic being the rarest and Bog being the most common.

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