The Book of Nightshade

6 min readOct 18, 2022

Risen from the ashes of the bear, A shadow steps from beyond.
Unshackled from consequence, A sacrifice unlocks terror.

Conjuring, shining a light on the darkness.

The Nightshade Collection is the next phase of the Non-Fungible Fungi project. Bringing both the Genesis and Generative in to participate, holders will use their harvested SPORES to enter their Fungi into a Mushroom Ring. There will be two Rings active each day for a total of 320 consecutive days; one for the Genesis and Generative Magic holders and a much larger one for Generative Mushrooms that all holders can participate in.

Each daily participation in both Rings will cost 7 SPORES (per day + gas), this will grant a glorious chance for your Fungi to be chosen and sacrificed for the greater evil in exchange for the most cursed of gifts: A Nightshade.

Travel by Candlelight on the Underworld Biome.

Any surplus and unused SPORES will always be return to you for further use on other Fungi, all of which will take place using our web portal found at

A soul so black, it is darker than night
The coin has more than one side
We have seen the side that looks to the sun
Behold the side that knows only shadow

The Dark Arts

These little Fungi have become part of your lives for the last year, endlessly walking through blockchain and biome. You’ve imagined personality and character into these little fellas and now everyone must ask themselves the ultimate question. Good and evil, light and dark. The themes of the eternal battle for balance are key to this next phase of our project — not only just in the art itself; each owner must ask themselves if the potential sacrifice of ones Fungi is worth the risk. In other words, grab some Bogs and save your Mires.

Brambles and Mint Jars, tools of the trade.

The Nightshade art invites us to look at the flipside of the coin, again based on real life Fungi they are augmented with many different new trait variations from Elzie. Some decorative and some material but all very dark, sinister and connected to a place beyond the Enchanted forest, a place beyond nightmares. Will you make the decision to enter the Ring?

Daubed in evil
Cloaked in wickedness
Trinkets adorn
To tell tales of dread

A letter from Elzie, Father of Fungi

From my time in the mushroom workshop, I’ve come to learn a lot of nuances about creating a collection, I just wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts as we move onto the next chapter for the NFF universe: The Nightshade Collection.

When creating a collection — after you’ve spent months upon months of fine tuning the art, it’s time to focus on the most underrated step; design.

During this process you’ll eventually find yourself staring into a spreadsheet playing a game of rarity vs uniqueness. 2 opposite forces of equal importance while trying to create balance. If everything's rare — nothing is rare, if traits are too common, everything looks the same. This isn’t just a spreadsheet game of adjusting numbers, each and every trait has a different optical impact that will affect general uniqueness differently, and must be weighted accordingly and/or tweaked.

In other words, I’ve learned a lot of useless information… almost. Useless if not for The Nightshade Collection being the perfect new test subject. With such a small supply of 1000 we can bend some rules and have some fun, which lands us nicely into the philosophy of The Nightshades:

The Nightshades are what you see when you lift up a rotted log in an old forest. Quickly scuttling back into the darkness, only being briefly observed in sunlight.

Every trait is gloomily themed around horror, witchery, ritualism and other dark materials. With a much tighter colour scheme than the initial collection (greys , browns, blacks, glowy purples, glowy greens etc) Nightshades have a spooky ‘I don't wanna touch that I'll get a rash’ kind of nature.

Nightshades are heavily focused on accessory traits, or as we like to call them “Curses” (the mirror trait category to charms); this is to achieve a higher visual variety. Think brambles to bear traps, hatchets to witchhats, candles and cobwebs (yes there is a very rare chance that you’ll get an “unfriendly neighbourhood spider” companion with your cobwebs”).

Ello’ Poppet!

When creating the original collection, it was always heart breaking to me as my favourite traits often had to be the most rare, thus, being enjoyed by the least amount of people. Nightshades are inherently rare in contrast to the initial collection, allowing us to tip the scale towards uniqueness. Nightshades have a tenth of the supply of our initial collection but a third of the traits, meaning every Nightshade will be vastly unique with greater points of trait separation.

Let’s talk about some exciting new trait categories:

Walk cycles: pretty self explanatory. Nightshades will have a few different options for how they stroll through the Ether. One might limp, one could march, another may drag their feet!

Emanations: Not so self explanatory but my personal favourite addition as a new trait category. Your Fungi will emanate an aura into its surroundings. Almost like flies to a day-old roadkill… actually its exactly like that!

The ‘’Infernal’’ Emanation (fire emoji).

Flair: Our 10K Generative Mushrooms are broken into 2 foundational skin traits; the stem and the cap. Nightshades have a tertiary skin trait for the spikes on their hips and midsection known as the “Flair” (so there’s 3 parts to the body)!

Mushrooms on a Mushroom?

I hope I’ve been able to shine a light on the ‘darkness’, even if I did forget to mention The Devilled Nightshades. The Nightshades are an integral step in our narrative, we believe story is everything; however they are not the be-all end-all for the Fungi universe, but a parallax that must exist in our story. Our ambitions reach beyond collections and far into the future as Web3 bleeds into existing industries.

I’m very excited to share The Nightshade Collection with you all over the next year as it represents our proudest work yet and an important milestone for us here at NFF, both as a team and a community. We have a lot going on right now and want to share our grand plans past the Nightshades, and even into phase 4.

But that’s for another bog…

Conjuring Litepaper

Supply (1000)
- 980 Nightshades.
- 20 Devilled Nightshades.

- Conjuring occurs once every 24 hours. (3 nightshades per day)
- Conjuring lasts 320 days.

- 960 Nightshades in the conjuring Rings. (including devils)
- 39 Nightshades minted directly to the company wallet.
- 1 Devilled Nightshade minted directly to the company wallet.

The Generative only Conjuring Ring.
- Conjures once per day.
- Costs 7 SPORES to enter 1 Fungi per day.
- Produces 2 Nightshades per day.
- Can be accessed by Generative Bogs and Generative Mires only. (9970)
- Sacrificed Mushrooms are auto burned upon successfully conjuring a Nightshade.

The Genesis and Generative Magic only Conjuring Ring.
- Conjures once per day.
- Costs 7 SPORES to enter 1 Fungi per day.
- Produces 1Nightshade per day.
- Can be accessed by Generative Magics and any Genesis. (130)
- Mushrooms in this Ring are not burned upon successfully conjuring a Nightshade.

- Users deposits SPORES and pays gas fees (per mushroom, per day) to stake Mushrooms into the Conjuring Rings.
- Users can deposit multiple SPORES for multiple days of conjuring.
- Users can stake multiple Mushrooms but will pay gas fees on every Mushroom.
- Users will pay gas fees to unstake and remove mushrooms from conjuring Rings.
- Ascended Mushrooms in the Generative Ring will be auto burned and NFF will mint the Conjured Nightshade to the applicable owner in return.
- SPORES can still be claimed and collected while Mushrooms are staked into Rings.
- Leftover Spores will be refunded/returned after for any shrooms burned/unstaked.




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