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5 min readMay 2, 2022

‘The greatest way to live with honour in this world is to be what we pretend to be’

I’ve always found this quote interesting, but over the years have been equally intrigued by a sub discussion that takes place about a mis-translation:

‘The greatest way to live with honour in this world is to be what we appear to be’

The difference between the word ‘pretend’ and ‘appear’ affect the quote hugely, but also not at all; how we appear to others, to behave with others is something we construct and act out everyday with our friends and family, but also the people we interact with in life, and by extension, online.

The Honorary Shrooms in all their glory.

It was a lofty goal but the NFF Project set out in 2021 to forge an almost entirely new path for an NFT project. Not only through handmade 3D rendered walking art along with high quality trailers, but by a real sense of community focus born through Simms and Henry’s experience with social media. To this day, Simms will be the person you can talk to in the Discord. As I write this, Simms is sitting at home, recovering from a leg operation — but his devotion to answering questions from the community, having a chat and planning our next phase hardly faltered.

Throughout our chats with the community we often would say ‘be the change you want to see’ and while it’s a rather easy and catchy line to throw in — it is something we took seriously, not least with the way we planned and will execute our honorary project.

We debated (and continue to debate) the people that should receive them. We’ve discussed strategy and planning along the way and — let’s be real here — we could have farmed out shroom after shroom to every influencer or celebrity in the land and hoped that one would spark a buying frenzy etc etc but we kept coming back to the simple thought that we wanted our choices to mean something special, to define who we are as a project via highlighting the work that others have done for the space. Having an artist focus just felt right to us, backed by our belief that a strong community focus was something worth doing.

Indeed, Betty, Lirona, Jen Stark, Killer Acid and Funghibull all share something that we value above all else — total belief in the strength of a community to make a project successful. Be it delivered through direct community activism and focus, or a super authentic social media output we want to do our best by also recognising the best in others!

Mush love and huge congratulations to all of our inductees and a special thank you to Elzie for these amazing creations. How does he do it?!


‪Founding a Horde of thousands with the incredible @Deadfellaz while raising a young family is 100% reason enough to be included for an honorary shroom. But the way @betty_nft lights the way for how a proper project/community should be formed & grown continually inspires us here at @fungiblefungi on our path‬


Creating work that leaves a lasting impression is something every artist aspires to but is something that Lirona truly owns with the beautiful ‘Boiz’ and ‘Gurlz’ series. Elzie uses the term “Shibui” to describe them, meaning ‘simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty’.

The Boiz collection served as the main inspiration when creating our own characters. Taking onboard design philosophies from lironas work helped us find our way

Jen Stark

‪First off, dog owners get special love at NFF (that’s just the way it is) but Jen’s installation and digital work often comes up during team creativity meetings for its boldness & positive outlook on the world.‬ The world could deal with being a little more Jen Stark, in our opinion.

Killer Acid

We love the way that @killeracid can touch on both the humorous and transcendental sides of psychedelia in ways that haven’t just garnered attention from the third eyes of the psychonauts among the nft community but the world at large with his collaborations, brand partnerships and gallery showings all over the globe.


‪Since our launch last November ‘WWFD’ or ‘What would @funghibull do’ has become both an in-joke & forever motto for us due to his refreshing & positive outlook on the web3 space‬.

Funghibull has supported NFF since its early days (less than 200 followers) and this is our way of saying thank you. Thank you for your continued support and thank you for always pushing the scene forward.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Week One of the Honoraries & in fact you — Yes you reading this right now! — can help us shape the project by letting us know who you think should be the community choice Honorary to be released in our final week. Let us know in our #suggestions-feedback channel on Discord.

As if all that wasn’t enough — we’re also going to be running a competition so that one of our amazing community members will be able to have their OWN honorary made! Full details coming soon but you will have 1-on-1 time with the Father of Fungi Elzie himself to pull the elements together. What a prize! Check out the tweet below to enter 🍄


We really hope that you love the honorary collection as much as we do and that of course, you’re all enjoying the trip.

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