Non-Fungible Fungi becomes first NFT project to partner with Tenor at Google as official GIF partner.

2 min readFeb 8, 2022

Today Non-Fungible Fungi is happy to announce that we have become the first ever partnered NFT project on the Tenor platform.

Tenor as the top mobile GIF sharing platform globally allows different searches to communicate with an animation, both holders and non-holders of Non-Fungible Fungi will now have the opportunity to do the same and communicate with 3D motion NFTs.

At Non-Fungible Fungi we have always stated that accessibility is a key component to our project and having direct download access to your asset via our downloader app is a key component of that providing easy access to your NFTs MP4, GIF and Scaled/Aligned PFP. With Tenor, we are taking this to the next level making your NFTs directly accessible and postable on Discord, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin, FB Messenger, Apple keyboard, GBoard and many, many more!

Over the course of creating and building NFF we have noticed that we differ from many other projects in one huge place, PFP scalability. The Fungible Fungi were never designed with PFP directly in mind and were always meant to be a full bodied 3D animated piece of artwork first, and foremost. With Tenor, we are now taking our Fungi to the next stage and giving them that much needed social media usage/scalability that they absolutely deserve. Working with Tenor we will be testing and refining the 100 Genesis Fungi (which are already to go right now in full clean HD GIF format) by using their metadata to populate the hashtags for searchability.

The long term goal here for us is to have our Fungi directly searchable and findable by number (fungi99 as example) and to also be up at the top when searching the term ‘NFT’ globally, again giving people that ease of access and much broader social usage/reach. We are testing the system now and will be fine tuning it hand in hand with Tenor alongside looking at how we upload the full 10K collection if the trial is successful and the userbase want/usage is there (and just in-time for the aptly named ‘walking’ meta that is almost upon us). This is new territory for both parties and a work in progress but one we are looking forward to.

For now you can check us out on our partner page to check out all the uploaded Fungi’s and accompanying hashtags. Get posting them GIFs people!

The Wizard Shroom live and direct from Tenor!

The Non-Fungible Fungi collective is a Kingdom of 10,100 unique 3D animated (and enchanted) Mushroom NFTs strolling through the Ethereum blockchain. Each Mushroom falls into 1 of 3 species, Magic, Mire-able and Bog (standard) with Magic being the rarest and Bog being the most common.

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