Non Fungible Fungi 2022 recap

This was the year that was!

6 min readJan 24, 2023

A belated happy new year to everyone in our wonderful community! The team has taken a very well earned break after wrestling The Conjuring system into life. We hope everyone is enjoying The Nightshades and having some fun watching these twisted pieces of Elzie’s imagination find their new homes every day. Have you been ‘lucky’ yet?

We have an incredible 2023 lined up for you and are deep in preparation for Phase 3 of the project, plans change as the markets change and that will become more prevalent as the year progresses… more to come on that very soon! For now we thought it would be nice to take a look back over a very busy 2022 and recap some of the trials and triumphs of the year!

Alpha channel reform with Sundai Fungi launch

It cannot be overstated how lucky we are as a community to have @farfromover and @fungoshi producing this excellent market report just for us each and every week. Well written, well researched and overall insightful takes on the crazy world of crypto are yours to read, for free! Make sure to give them love in the Discord and Twitter.

Farfromover also amazingly takes charting requests, so if you ask him very nicely, he may just look into your next possible degenerate play for you before you buy (this is absolutely not financial advise, just encase the FBI is reading, and if by any chance the FBI is reading NFF is currently at a really great entry price!).

Last week saw the dynamic duo reach 100 subscribers for the newsletter, triggering a giveaway, but if anything a sub just shows a small amount of appreciation for the lads work — you can drop a sub here.

Beckley benefits from Spore Jars

Continuing our support of this most excellent charity, the team pledged a percentage of every sale from a Non-Fungible Fungi Mint Jar to go to the Beckley Foundation, furthering their incredible work in the field of psychedelic research. Right now the team is calculating the final figures after an influx of sales towards the end of the year and we will communicate both the final sum and payment TX later this month.

It’s super important to us as a project to keep supporting causes that we believe in and to not just be performative! Look out for a new announcement soon about our next plans for supporting the Beckley foundation!

Tenor announcement

Tenor, by Google, approached us to be a partnered channel on their global .gif platform making Non-Fungible Fungi one of the first NFT projects EVER to have NFTs both available and searchable (via #nuber) across all support Tenor .gif platforms.

As it stands currently our Gifs have reached 974,448 views globally, this is an insane figure and we expect this to keep going once the 10K is uploaded (of which we are still in talks with as the Genesis Collection was a test on Tenors side).

Be sure to click this link and use the Gifs if and when possible as it only helps us out more on social media!

Magic reveal

We were so thrilled to finally share the Generative Magic art Elzie had been cooking up for our Generative Magic Fridge holders. People had waited so patiently and it was a massive responsibility to deliver — and boy did he! Making his NFF stream debut Simms talked us through everyone of them in his own brilliant reveal style.

Token development and release

One of our big milestone releases of the year, the SPORES token represented a huge amount of work behind the scenes of the project. Being a part of the Web3 scene we think it’s super important to deliver correctly and with integrity; a simple throwaway token with zero use was never going to be an option for us.

Simms took an incredible amount of meetings and consultation periods with some of the gigabrains of tokenomics and crypto law to bring the safest protocols for SPORES, with Elzie delivering another incredible trailer to land the narrative. The irony of making a token that couldn’t be spent anywhere wasn’t lost on us at all, spending would come later…

Tokenframe activation

Here’s the T: Opportunities for projects come in thick and fast, it can be pretty overwhelming! The people, brands and projects you align with, even for a giveaway reflect back on the project as a whole. When we first saw the photos and videos of our Fungis seamlessly running on the Tokenframe platform we felt it was a great fit to bring that to you all.

Honorary collection

Taking the time to recognise your peers and the influential energy they give off gave us the chance to make it simply about the art again after the Token drop. Elzie very carefully chose and designed honorary art mainly for people we looked up to and had an impact on us directly and how we approached the space.


The original logo had its roots from a more ‘esports’ and traditional gaming approach (part of our DNA of course) but the quality of the project made us think the typeface and logo needed to elevate alongside it.

Collaborating with @paperdiamond’s on a crisp art-first web experience gave us the perfect platform to launch the rebrand, we’re super proud of it!

Wen Merch? You’ve been asking for it — and it’s definitely coming! It took a little bit of a backseat to Conjuring at the end of 2022 but we’re going to be sharing the 1st Non-Fungible Fungi merch collection very soon in early 2023. Soon you’ll be able to rep the project irl and we can’t wait to share some of the new designs.

IP and Licensing

Easy to fade into the background alongside all the art and feature releases, our innovative take on IP licensing took just as much work and research to get right.

Simms took the lead on this one making sure all facets of the project are legal and correct, as we wanted to stay a true U.K project on the business side as well as the creative. Read back over the hybrid licence here offering both the security and safety of a traditional IP but the freedom of a CCO. On top of this, just this pas week we have been granted a trademark for NON-FUNGIBLE FUNGI under UK copyright laws giving us more power and control over those who try do wrong-do with our image and name.


Trailers are incredibly important to use and a vital part of the project. Acting as a secondary articulation of Elzie’s vision, the quality of the trailers started high for the announcement of the project in 2021 and only evolved and grew in 2022.

Fun fact: The Conjuring trailer was the first one made using a new team and not solely from Elzie himself! It was a great and easy collaboration and you’ll be seeing a lot more of this setup in our 2023 plans.


You know about Nightshades, but you might not know that the very creation of the art itself was yet another innovation in web3. Working alongside the legendary Inuarashi and his Cypher labs team, together they developed a new system for pulling together assets to allow the generation and curation of the Nightshade collection in a brand new way.

The next stages. We are planning to expand the Mycolabs universe with a new mint this year and will be sharing the plans for this very soon. It has always been very important to us as a project to not bring out new mints for the sake of it and ensure we do things in the correct way. Watch this space!

Finally, we just wanted to take a moment to kindly ask everyone where possible to try like, share and comment on as many of our social comms as possible. We have the #signal-boosting channel but please don’t hesitate to interact with any post across Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. You may think that it doesn’t help but every time you take the time it allows a new person to potentially find the project and spread the MycoLabs mycelium network even further!

We sincerely hope you all enjoyed the trip in 2022 and are excited to hear the plans for 2023!

Mush love,

Elzie, Simms and alxalxalx





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